Its time

I felt myself in the darkest alleys
It was dark like horror
And coming onto me
My heart was about to stop
And i was not able to breathe
Life was like a black hole
And death was like a dream
I tried and tried in vein to catch it
But always ended in that
Deafening silent scream
— Swarnali

The day i wrote this poem i felt it is time for me to do something about my life. That’s not how its supposed to be. I was lost because i was not sure what am i supposed to do actually. I knew very well by then what i don’t want. But the tough question was what is it that i want? And then one day i saw a travellers blog (loads of thanks to the shooting star). And as soon as i started reading it i knew right away what i want. Now its just a matter of time. I still don’t have answers to the questions how and when but at least i dont feel that lost anymore.


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