Weekend at Bangriposi, Odisha

Last weekend I visited Bangriposhi, a small tourist spot in Odisha. When we left in the morning the sun was blazing and i kind of cursed myself for leaving behind a cozy weekend at home. I was dying for some clouds. But the small but really beautiful cane cottage of Hotel Bangriposi was enough to lift up my spirit. And as we were resting in the afternoon in this beautiful homely cottage, the rains came like a boon. Wish come true.



We didn’t have any plan and i realized sometimes it’s the best plan, not to have a plan. πŸ˜› The peace of mind was a bless for there was no rush to tick off ‘to see’ list. I guess that’s the best part of a not so famous, close to nature places. they remind us we are not in the world to focus in the ticking of a clock. We can wake up with the sun, dance with the rains, sing with the birds, smile with our beloved people and dream with the moon. That’s a much better clock to me. Coming back to my trip, so we did a lot of unplanned stuffs. We went to the Buribalam river and crossed in a flat bamboo boat, just for fun, watched a magical sunset behind the hills, met 80 beautiful kids and their teacher who live together in a single large hutment, surrounded by large sal trees, no electricity, cook their own food, keep their place clean, learn together , live together and grow together. We visited the local village where Dokra artisans live and realized how hard people work and how little they get in return.



The journey from hotel to Bankbal dam through the Simlipal forest was a mixture of beauty and thrill. It was raining so heavily and so much lightning, we had to stop for quite sometime before hitting the road again. The dam with the hills all around and a cloudy sky made my day. It was some view. My mobile camera couldn’t do even a little bit of justice to the view.



And with all this, the tasty chai of a roadside dhaba and the delicious homely food and the wonderful wall paint of small village house all added flavor to my weekend trip. I guess the peace of being totally happy, being free was the bestΒ  part.


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