closer to the Himalayas

I think my whole life changed with this one trip. Trekking to the Singalila National Park. Little did I know before, that life can be so different and so worth living. I don’t know whether i can really express in words how I felt in those moments because it was all so inexpressible and bizarrely beautiful. The sheer happiness of walking among the clouds surrounded by hills and the countless stars of the night sky, the white covered glistening peaks, the red of the rhododendron veiling the valley, you cant express how it feels, you can only feel it and feel it till the moment you are totally lost in it. The beauty of the Himalayas is so intriguing, so charming it attracts you like a magnet.

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There were times during the trek i felt i will never go for another trek in my whole life. I can literally feel my achy heart trying hard to pump the blood and my lungs gasping for oxygen. My legs dying to give up but my eyes, they were so captivated for the first time and the happiness of doing something my heart always wanted, was so great, I couldn’t stop. And I never will.

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