Short Trip #1, Munnar

The best thing about roads is that they make you free. Free from the bindings of a routine life. And when they lead you to the most beautiful places with hills, tall trees and tea gardens, well, those are the best kinds. πŸ™‚ So when I went to Munnar in Kerala after a hectic long stretch of work, I felt like a phoenix. It was just a one day trip, but was worth it. The hills and valleys covered with green, the clouds and the chill, mix them together with a bowl of hot Maggie in your hand, life becomes so much more interesting and enjoyable.

It was my first time in a tea-garden. The small mounds on the lap of the hill covered with cushions of shiny soft green, that you feel like jumping into, with the hazy cloud covered hill tops at the backdrop, it felt like pure bliss for the soul.









I think the fresh green of the tea gardens works same as a hot cup of tea, one makes you more energetic physically and the other emotionally. So whenever you feel like you need a break, go and have a cup of tea-garden inΒ  beautiful green hills like this one. πŸ˜‰




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