Short Trip #2, Kodaikanal

Mostly I don’t like to go to typical tourist spots because of the crowd, but sometimes that’s all you can plan in a hurry for weekends. Kodaikanal in Tamilnadu was one such weekend trip. I can say without doubt the place was beautiful and happy that I visited it. Mostly, I was feeling like I am floating above the clouds. The long stretches of untouched lands, hills and valleys, scattered waterfalls, peeking through the clouds and an endless sky, like I have landed in some hidden magical place by mistake.








But the buzz of too much crowd don’t let you completely feel its serenity, you cant loose yourself in it (though I shouldn’t judge because I was part of that crowd -_- ). Now when I look back at the pictures mostly without another human being I start wondering how it would feel to be just these hills, clouds and me. I know it sounds selfish but I would have loved that.




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