Short Trip #3, Malpe

Now this was an interesting trip, The Malpe beach and St. Mary’s island near Manipal, Karnataka. The beach was not so crowded, the best part and since I am in love with sea, I always love beaches. When our speedboat rushed through the nice blue water I was pretty excited looking at the tiny island with sands and coconut trees and bushes, as if a scene from some adventure movie. The island is a really small one but unique, and beautiful. Unique because it’s a geological monument, the only place in India and one of the very few places in the world where we see something that’s called ‘columnar basalt’. It’s this honeycomb texture in the rocks formed in rare geological conditions.

Besides that what made it more beautiful to me is how pristine it looked. Standing there at the edge of the rocks with the sky and the sunlight shimmering in the blue sea water I realized once again, what a wonderful creation the world is. And how beautiful it looked everywhere, before technology touched it.








While walking on the beach it struck me after sometime it’s not sand i am walking on, it was broken sea shells everywhere. I picked up those crushed shells and looking at them i realized, death is not always horrifying, its just a truth and a part of this wonderful world, a way to get back to that home, to nature, from where we all started this journey.





15 thoughts on “Short Trip #3, Malpe

    1. Thank You😀 its this column like structure you see in this rocks. this rocks are basalt actually, formed from quick chilling of magma. and when they cool fractures develope in this shape like cracks developing in dried mud.. and this is the only place in India where we find this🙂

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      1. 😄 okk.. Should have thought of that on the flipkart big billion day i guess 😉
        Actually i am not much of a camera person u know.. But yea sure i am thinking of buying a better camera phone now.. 😊😊

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