Dear Love..

I wish i never have to leave…

Thats the only thought, each and every moment after i left you that day.
After i left that beautiful heaven up there, that my love is protecting in her lap forever.

My love, the himalayas..

When i started writing a blog i thought i have a lot to say.. Or atleast i will have a lot to say as i travel.. But fortunately or unfortunatelly, i dont know, the moment i am close to my dear mountains, i lose my words, my voice, my speech.. I just stand there and look.. And look some more, and some more.. Like, if i just keep looking the mountain will fall in love with me as well and she will never let me go..
One day dear mountain.. One day for sure..

I am still not sure if i can express in words even a little of what i felt in all those moments but i will try.. May be by giving all the necessary(or unnecessary) details of my trip.. But i know the only part and the most important part will be always incomplete, no matter how hard i try.
that is how it feels to be there.. How it feels to be in love with the mighty himalayas..


3 thoughts on “Dear Love..

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