the kid in me.. 

We were better off as kids, when no one used to stop us from making new friends, when we never used to stop ourselves from making new ones for anything..When the people we loved, our family, they always loved us back, not putting any condition there.. When being happy was more important than being committed.. When it seemed freedom was not there but we were actually free.. 

Now it seems we are free but are we really? Is it not that i wakeup crying most of the nights and realize i am most trapped now than i was ever..Freedom now is just an illusion. And i want to come out of it.. I want to live for myself like a free bird and i want the same for you.. I want you to walk by my side thats true but i dont want you to suffocate my freedom.. Does that mean i love you any less? No dear.. It means i love myself too..


8 thoughts on “the kid in me.. 

      1. Ankit

        Okay.. hope I did not touch the core which is not so much to be talked about. But happy that it is getting to the best with time. Smiles. Happy for you. 😊

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