SURGICAL STRIKE on Black money- How we are contributing? 

Totally support this..


I reached home after school. It was,as it seemed to me then,quite a normal day with a spicy topping of the issue “ban on 500 and 1000 rupee notes” being debated over in my house. Soon,I could smell the change in air that took place. For two or three days,the whole family ( or I should say “my parents”) had been in high spirits at this decision of our PM. His intentions,policy,and speeches were welcomed with hootings and cheers.But now all this has turned into resentment. Now… after waiting in a long tiresome queue at the bank to get some 2000 rs notes,which still are of no use because 500 rs notes have yet not arrived for change,? my father’s cursing our PM .
Well,here I give you the citizens of India..

  • We expect Mr. Modi to change the whole country in 2 days. But we cannot stand…

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5 thoughts on “SURGICAL STRIKE on Black money- How we are contributing? 

    1. Lets see through this and wait for the the results Josh, before making abrupt conclusions.. Thats what i feel.. And if you ask me my personal experience says the businessman are the worst hit for the last couple of days..


      1. That’s the illusion they are feeding.. Why Jio launched ? the loss covered by this Currency change over ? okay let’s wait and see, Politicians are the puppets in the hands of the Business men 🙂 Thanks for sharing you thoughts 🙂


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