I let you go to love you more..

“..Ye sham jab bhi ayegi, tum hum ko yaad aaoge.
Ajeeb dasta hain ye..”
(Whenever this evening will come, so will your memories.
This story is so different.. )

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how hopelessly we fall in love with a name, with a picture, with a voice.. Every song every thought, every beat of your heart leads you there, to that one person.. And your day starts feeling incomplete without those thoughts, without that laugh.. You want to have it, make it yours.. And then slowly, or suddenly you realise, nothing belongs to you.. just like you don’t belong to anybody.. And you stop trying to clutch it anymore.. No matter how much you want it you don’t.. You let it go, you make them free.. Because even you know in your heart free is what you want to be.. And nothing is beautiful anymore when its caged..


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