that one person who is part of your soul.. 

We have friends, and best friends, and boyfriends, but then there is this person who is none of it but all of it.. Who knows you atom by atom, who was there through everything, who understands what you are thinking even before you know, who shows all this mock frustration as soon as you start talking about the same age old love problem of yours, but you know she is listening and she is the one actually concerned, whose house is your second home as well and you feel like you are home whenever you enter that door, whom you can call in the middle of her important meetings and demand to bring kebab for you in the evening, who doesn’t agree with you almost on all topics but still somehow you survive all those big fights, you feel jealous when she falls in love and i mean real jealous, well she is everything, she is everywhere in your life, she is your Life, your soulmate.. And no matter what she is the one I cant afford to lose..
Love you Swthrt..


12 thoughts on “that one person who is part of your soul.. 

  1. Though I have such three souls who make me feel alive and keep my feet on the ground. We all stay afar, but still have the same intensified love that we had when we used to stay together or at least near to each others’ places.
    They are life. ❤

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    1. Exactly Aditi 😊.. Even i stay away from her but meet quite often.. And actually you made me realise how i have my soul tangled with few more people as well.. Didn’t meet them for a long time and that’s making me miss them more..

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