that funny little thing

“I cant remember anymore how we met. Funny isn’t it!”
And Kriti stopped there. she couldn’t find anymore words. She is thinking about writing this story for ages now but somehow cant just write more than one page or two. Even those few pages always end up in the dustbin after going through them a few times.
“I cant do this. This is just not my thing, writing a story.”
She almost convince herself most of the days but other days she just feels this urgent need to get this story out that she had within her from that first moment. That first moment when it hit her. She is in love.
She knows she have to do it now from that day she have seen him sitting there in that cafe. Twenty years lies between them. Twenty long years of letting go. Twenty long years of moving on. Everything have changed now except that one funny little thing, ‘Love’.
And I cant remember how we met, as if there was no start, as if it existed forever.


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