This must stop.

I feel each and everyone must read these books to understand how something is going extremely wrong very close to us.. and by being silent about it we are actually supporting some henious crimes.. this must stop now.. Things have gone so wrong, the wounds are so deep, the hatred so strong it’s almost impossible now to close the gap and make a bridge again.. but we still need to try..
It’s so hard to accept all these negativity spreading viciously and consuming everything around us.. and people sometimes make the biggest mistakes by being judgemental..
We need to stop judging people without even knowing them. We need to stop making our own mental picture of scenarios and start searching for the truth, we need to stop blaming others first and look at us to understand if we are wrong here.. People are loosing lives, mothers are loosing theirs child, wives are loosing husbands and I guess human beings are loosing humanity..
It’s a massacre and it’s high time it should stop.. And to do that the first and most important thing to do is to know the truth.. to listen to each other.. to not judge people..
All these pain and hatred and sufferings it’s too much to even listen to.. I can’t even imagine how people cope up with it.. and to feel all these pain and not being able to do anything about it is probably the most helpless feeling in the world.. it breaks my heart everyday..

This must stop..


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