Colours of you and me..

I love you.. and I can’t change it. I can’t deny it and I won’t try to. I will live with it..

And I will paint.. paint you in colours of Autumn, in colours of winter, in the greens of summer and the blues of the sky..

I will paint you in colours of sunrise and colours of the sand by the sea.. I will paint you in the pink of the cherry blossoms and the black and whites of our beautiful memories..

And I will paint you in the red that my heart bleeds..

I will paint you in all colours of life.. and may be slowly I will melt in all those colours bit by bit until there’s nothing left but the colours of you and me..



She loves the way his hair looks slightly brownish in the afternoon sun, the way his face turns serious as he concentrates on the newspaper, the way sometimes his eyes silently admires her and the way he kisses without any warning.. she loves everything about him, the small details, the sudden breakout of smile, his getting scared of spiders, his stupid ‘i am the best’ attitudes, his small fingers, the smell of his hair, his orange t-shirt days, everything.. she loves him entirely with his good and bad, and right and wrong, his perfections and flaws.. and her heart was full, of the certainity of this most beautiful feeling in the world.. of love..

Go find your roots..

To truly live is when you don’t have to go to a flower garden to admire flowers, it is when you don’t miss on a roadside one..

We have changed our surrounding too much. So much so that sometimes we feel we are not connected to nature anymore.. and we feel detached, helpless, confined because we can’t find our roots anymore.. yes we have roots too.. Nature have placed it in our hearts, in our neurones, in emotions, that’s where we feel connected to nature..

So the next time you feel a little too confined in this man-made world, go sit under a tree, look at a mountain, put your legs into that cold water of a river, feel the sunrays on your face and the raindrops dancing on your palm..

And if everything seems too far, just go and touch that roadside flower you once ignored on your way to office.. you will find your roots again…

# 1

He is looking even more handsome now, but that’s not what she noticed, it’s those eyes. The same soft brown eyes that she fell in love with. No change there, and sometimes she feels if he just looks right into hers she will see that same desperate yet beautiful love shimmering in those eyes like forever. Things have changed sure but feelings, she still wonders if they can ever change.

Her morning cup of tea was getting cold. Kriti is too lost in her thoughts to notice. It’s a sunday after all. She have the luxury to be lazy today. But it’s not like she don’t get time other days. This is what she loves about her life, she looks forward to every tomorrow with same eagerness. A life she always dreamt of is a reality now. And a big smile spreads over her face and brings her back to real-time and place.

“NEEL! that lazy bum must be still sleeping like a dead dog. I need to call that idiot. We have to talk about those coming school trips.”

She reached for her phone in the bedside table and suddenly caught a glimpse of the book she was reading before going to sleep last night. She finds herself drifting in the memories again.

“Twenty years.”

But she still remembers everything like its yesterday. Those five years of college is something that’s engraved in her being forever, engraved in a way that it can never be erased, as long as she breathes.


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that funny little thing

“I cant remember anymore how we met. Funny isn’t it!”
And Kriti stopped there. she couldn’t find anymore words. She is thinking about writing this story for ages now but somehow cant just write more than one page or two. Even those few pages always end up in the dustbin after going through them a few times.
“I cant do this. This is just not my thing, writing a story.”
She almost convince herself most of the days but other days she just feels this urgent need to get this story out that she had within her from that first moment. That first moment when it hit her. She is in love.
She knows she have to do it now from that day she have seen him sitting there in that cafe. Twenty years lies between them. Twenty long years of letting go. Twenty long years of moving on. Everything have changed now except that one funny little thing, ‘Love’.
And I cant remember how we met, as if there was no start, as if it existed forever.

that one person who is part of your soul.. 

We have friends, and best friends, and boyfriends, but then there is this person who is none of it but all of it.. Who knows you atom by atom, who was there through everything, who understands what you are thinking even before you know, who shows all this mock frustration as soon as you start talking about the same age old love problem of yours, but you know she is listening and she is the one actually concerned, whose house is your second home as well and you feel like you are home whenever you enter that door, whom you can call in the middle of her important meetings and demand to bring kebab for you in the evening, who doesn’t agree with you almost on all topics but still somehow you survive all those big fights, you feel jealous when she falls in love and i mean real jealous, well she is everything, she is everywhere in your life, she is your Life, your soulmate.. And no matter what she is the one I cant afford to lose..
Love you Swthrt..

I let you go to love you more..

“..Ye sham jab bhi ayegi, tum hum ko yaad aaoge.
Ajeeb dasta hain ye..”
(Whenever this evening will come, so will your memories.
This story is so different.. )

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how hopelessly we fall in love with a name, with a picture, with a voice.. Every song every thought, every beat of your heart leads you there, to that one person.. And your day starts feeling incomplete without those thoughts, without that laugh.. You want to have it, make it yours.. And then slowly, or suddenly you realise, nothing belongs to you.. just like you don’t belong to anybody.. And you stop trying to clutch it anymore.. No matter how much you want it you don’t.. You let it go, you make them free.. Because even you know in your heart free is what you want to be.. And nothing is beautiful anymore when its caged..