that winter morning.. 

She was a beautiful woman, beautiful in her own way.. She has the glow of this winter morning sun on her face and her light brown eyes have a soft shimmer one that soothes your heart.. She was wearing that beautiful pink ribbon in her shoulder length golden brown hair.. And she was looking at a distance with a crisp smile on her lips.. That ink pen in her hand tells you she loves to write.. The yellow pages of her floral diary in her lap fluttering with the wind with a strong expectation.. And thats when it happened.. One fine morning sitting there in that cafe, the morning sun did the trick.. He fell in love with her..



what did i do wrong?

What is it that i did wrong?
What is it that i couldn’t get right?
I listened to everything they said,
I studied hard and passed all the tests..
I got a job for daily bread.
I even did everything i should, 
to be better person you see.
But then where exactly did i made the mistake?
That nothing finally seems to fall in place.
Why is it then i cant be happy?
And why is it i find myself lonely and depressed?
You may say happiness is an inner thing, 
And may be you are right..
But you see growing up with my family and friends,
Every one forgot to teach me
How to do that right.


Deep enough.. 

You came like a lightening in my sky..
Everything felt so bright,
life shimmering with light..
So beautiful it was..
So beautiful and real..
But then you are gone..
And now its even more dark
and i cant see my starlights clear..
I know i will live
will find my way
and my stars will guide,..
But thanks to you,
Will never love lightning again..
Your scar is deep enough to remind..


that crippling sadness..

I don’t understand this crippling sadness that dawns on me somedays.. When i cant breathe anymore.. I cant remember what i have lost but definitely something.. These days come suddenly, making your heart writhe in pain.. Nothing matters anymore.. My life, my existence feels like a joke.. And i cant tell anybody, i will never understand their questions or how to answer them and they will never understand my answers. I feel so lost..
And then they disappear, just like that.. Like a bad dream.. I don’t understand this, but it always comes back, this crippling sadness..

That day of Love

In her dream she was in a train,
Sitting by the window..
He was there in front of her,
Smiling with those eyes full of love..
The sky was cloudy,
The rain was yet to come..
It was a perfect day to fall in love..
The fields were all green as far as you can see..
And there was the horizon where in the sky, the trees set themselves free..
Its then he started to sing..
And her heart felt so small to hold in place all the happiness it brings..
She was still, looking into the distance
And was wishing to be like the fields that has no limit..
The wind was blowing fast over her face
And she wants him to be that wind to shiver like this whenever he will pass..
Was he her lover?
Oh yes he is..
And they lived happily ever after??
No.. Why not?
To keep that love alive..
Forever and beyond..


One day.. 

And there will be a day
When i am just a memory to you.
My name will blow with the fallen autumn leaves, by your door..
The morning sun will tell you
How we used to smile.
And then as the day will pass
You will remember, how our days went by.
In the park when you ride that swing
Will you remember how we fly in that thing?
At night when you will be alone and wake, 
Will you now ask atleast once,  
Why did all the dreames break? 
And in a cloudy day when you will be lonely
In that house we made,
Will you really feel? its just a memory now.. 
Will you remember? How much you left unsaid..


They are the Seasons..

Life, such a bizarre..
With happiness and pain walking side by side..
So many moments, so many memories..
So many people.. And good byes..
Some come and go like a beautiful butterfly touching you for a sec
And then gone..
Some are like the sunshine..
Always there to give you warmth and make your day bright..
Some are like a beautiful rainbow
a magical one that you rarely witness in your life..
And for a moment you feel like you can fly..
You know you are lucky..
But will you see them ever again..?
Then some are like clouds,
Makes you fall in love even with pain..
So many moments, so many memories..
So many people.. And good byes..
But these are the people who painted my life..
And they are the reason why in my life seasons come by..