I will go far away… Somewhere in the mountains.. and I will look outside my window at the snow capped peaks.. and I will paint the best painting of my life…

But the question is, “when?”


# 1

He is looking even more handsome now, but that’s not what she noticed, it’s those eyes. The same soft brown eyes that she fell in love with. No change there, and sometimes she feels if he just looks right into hers she will see that same desperate yet beautiful love shimmering in those eyes like forever. Things have changed sure but feelings, she still wonders if they can ever change.

Her morning cup of tea was getting cold. Kriti is too lost in her thoughts to notice. It’s a sunday after all. She have the luxury to be lazy today. But it’s not like she don’t get time other days. This is what she loves about her life, she looks forward to every tomorrow with same eagerness. A life she always dreamt of is a reality now. And a big smile spreads over her face and brings her back to real-time and place.

“NEEL! that lazy bum must be still sleeping like a dead dog. I need to call that idiot. We have to talk about those coming school trips.”

She reached for her phone in the bedside table and suddenly caught a glimpse of the book she was reading before going to sleep last night. She finds herself drifting in the memories again.

“Twenty years.”

But she still remembers everything like its yesterday. Those five years of college is something that’s engraved in her being forever, engraved in a way that it can never be erased, as long as she breathes.


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