Life is for living

No matter where you reach in life, you will always feel you needed to go somewhere else…. Only except if you reach out to nature..


She was walking in the woods… spring have touched the place she can feel.. the sun rays filtering through the trees.. ‘komorebi’ she remembered the word… And she realized why she always felt it’s a beautiful word.. because the word leads to one of the most beautiful feelings in the world..

‘Komorebi’… She thought again..

Go find your roots..

To truly live is when you don’t have to go to a flower garden to admire flowers, it is when you don’t miss on a roadside one..

We have changed our surrounding too much. So much so that sometimes we feel we are not connected to nature anymore.. and we feel detached, helpless, confined because we can’t find our roots anymore.. yes we have roots too.. Nature have placed it in our hearts, in our neurones, in emotions, that’s where we feel connected to nature..

So the next time you feel a little too confined in this man-made world, go sit under a tree, look at a mountain, put your legs into that cold water of a river, feel the sunrays on your face and the raindrops dancing on your palm..

And if everything seems too far, just go and touch that roadside flower you once ignored on your way to office.. you will find your roots again…

the home i want..

Do i need a home or a bed to dump myself and crash down at the end of the day.. Well yes.. But do i need it to be at one place or is it that it can be somewhere on that mountain i am in love with, or may be by that beautiful river flowing somewhere, or else in a forest with twinkling fireflies, may be under the aurora or countless stars.. You never understood what i meant when i said i wanna have a home with you..i didn’t mean a house.. I meant my dreams..

the crumbling glory.. 

And they fight over glory, over fame, not knowing in the end it will all crumble down, will turn to dust, every bit of it..
and that’s the fate they are going to share the winner and the looser alike..

And in the middle of nowhere i stumbled upon history today.. This beautiful temple with rich architecture standing alone, long forgotten, in the middle of a small village in telengana… A sole reminder of its days.. The glorious ones..


Dear Love..

I wish i never have to leave…

Thats the only thought, each and every moment after i left you that day.
After i left that beautiful heaven up there, that my love is protecting in her lap forever.

My love, the himalayas..

When i started writing a blog i thought i have a lot to say.. Or atleast i will have a lot to say as i travel.. But fortunately or unfortunatelly, i dont know, the moment i am close to my dear mountains, i lose my words, my voice, my speech.. I just stand there and look.. And look some more, and some more.. Like, if i just keep looking the mountain will fall in love with me as well and she will never let me go..
One day dear mountain.. One day for sure..

I am still not sure if i can express in words even a little of what i felt in all those moments but i will try.. May be by giving all the necessary(or unnecessary) details of my trip.. But i know the only part and the most important part will be always incomplete, no matter how hard i try.
that is how it feels to be there.. How it feels to be in love with the mighty himalayas..

Short Trip #3, Malpe

Now this was an interesting trip, The Malpe beach and St. Mary’s island near Manipal, Karnataka. The beach was not so crowded, the best part and since I am in love with sea, I always love beaches. When our speedboat rushed through the nice blue water I was pretty excited looking at the tiny island with sands and coconut trees and bushes, as if a scene from some adventure movie. The island is a really small one but unique, and beautiful. Unique because it’s a geological monument, the only place in India and one of the very few places in the world where we see something that’s called ‘columnar basalt’. It’s this honeycomb texture in the rocks formed in rare geological conditions. Continue reading “Short Trip #3, Malpe”